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Cetyl Esters NF #177P

General Information
Cetyl Esters, closely duplicates the properties of natural spermaceti wax. This wax provides lubricity, body, and viscosity in your cosmetic formulation..

Creams, Lotions, Gels, Lipsticks, Antiperspirants, Food Packaging and Ointments.

Cetyl Esters can be used as an emollient, thickener, gellant, and opacifier in formulations.

Product details

INCI: Cetyl Palmitate
CAS: 540-10-3
HS/Tariff code: 3402.13.20
Food additive:
US Pharmacopoeia:
GMO: Free of genetically modified organisms (GMO)
Animal tests: Not tested on animals
Allergen Fragrances: Not present
Specific product data
Product form: Pastille
Packaging: 55lb Carton
Pallet size: 1760lbs Net
Melting point ºC: 43-47°C
Acid value: <5

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