Introduction Cera Bellina #106P Emulsifying Wax 14 #459P Kester Wax K-59 #129P Kostol BAQ #268P Kostol IBT #483P/ Kostol IBT-50 #550P Kostol PGP #402P Kostol TBP #403P NF Emulsifying Wax #109P Organic Emulsifying Wax #462P Permulgin D #164P Self Emulsifying Carnauba EC-80 #193P Self Emulsifying Synthetic Carnauba #217P Siliconyl IBT #529P

Koster Keunen Emulsifying Waxes


Koster Keunen offers a wide variety of Emulsifying Waxes that are based on chemistry ranging from cetearyl to behenyl alcohol. These emulsifiers are cost effective raw materials that can enhance product stability and provide new textures and consistencies that formulating chemists want. Special blends can be made to incorporate other ingredients into the Emulsifying Waxes. This will produce a multi-functional wax that offers added conditioning, stabilizing, or sunscreen and U.V. absorbing properties in hair care products.


Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Conditioners, Pomades, Sunscreens, Pharmaceutical Ointments, Salves, and Skin Protection.


Our Emulsifying Waxes are self-emulsifying, low odor, highly stable, and highly compatible. Low concentrations of these waxes will improve the consistency and stability of emulsions.