Introduction Cera Bellina #106P Kester Wax K-59 #129P Peg-12 Carnauba #165P PEG-8 Beeswax Self Emulsifying Carnauba EC-80 #193P Siliconyl Beeswax Siliconyl Candelilla

Koster Keunen Natural Wax Derivatives


Our expert knowledge of the composition and properties of beeswax has lead us to adapt traditional waxes to changing requirements and to a more versatile usage.

By adapting selected fractions of traditional waxes we have created innovative products like our BW Ester BW67, Cera Bellina, Siliconyl Beeswax and PEG-8 Beeswax.

With these waxes we were able to achieve some specific goals:

- Improvement of beeswax for specific applications

- Open new areas of application for natural waxes

- Development of alternatives for petroleum waxes

- Improved compatibility with cosmetic ingredients

- Efficient gelling agents for oils that are difficult to gel

- Lower wax concentrations

- Improved stability